Remote Coaching

Can’t make it in, or you don’t live locally? No problem!

We understand that being a Remote Athlete can be a little daunting. As a remote athlete of Sanctuary Barbell, you are considered a full member of the team. We will do everything within our power to help you accomplish your goals on and off the platform.

Lori Grijalva, Remote Masters Athlete

Different tiers of remote coaching includes anywhere from just programming to video feedback and check-in.

  • Full Remote Coaching: $165/month
  • Student Remote Coaching: $135/month

Rates above include:

  • Full Programming
  • Full access to Coaches
  • Unlimited Video analysis and feedback
  • Meet prep
  • Meet Coaching

Not ready to be a remote athlete yet? Want a sample program to see if weightlifting is for you? No problem!

  • Programming + limited video analysis and feeback: $50/month

Drop-ins are encouraged to come in with the team for $20/session. 

Sanctuary also hosts clinics! Contact us to learn more.